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Choose your traffic type

Choose your traffic type

Traffic type targeting lets you choose the types of devices where your ad can appear.

How it works: By default, new campaigns target all types of devices, which include desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones and IPTV. However, when you create your campaign, you can indicate that specific ads are optimized to show on mobile phones, tablets or IPTV devices. 

This article explains how tochoose your traffic tpe.

Before you begin

Learn about how to optimize your campaigns and understand your campaign settings so you know how to set up your campaign to help meet your business goals.

Choose your traffic type settings


  1. Sign in to your EroAdvertisings account.

  2. On the Campaign Overview Page, click the campaign you want

  3. Click the pencil icon, to edit the Campaign Settings;

  4. In the Campaign Settings section, you can define your advertising strategy and determine your traffic type. Choosing the Mobile traffic type, you will be able to target specific Mobile devices and Operating Systems.

Traffic types cannot be changed once the campaign has been created and posted.

Click Save and continue. You can edit your campaign group settings at any time.